Central Monitoring System

PINTSCH ABEN is a renowned manufacturer of electric and gas-infrared point heating systems which are supplied throughout Europe. For the remote control of point heating installations PINTSCH ABEN  applies her PA Line diagnosis, control and monitoring system. This system is developed and manufactured by PINTSCH ABEN for the purpose of providing an innovative and economical single source solution to points heating. The PA Line system is approved by the German EBA.

The operating PA Line software has been written specifically for points heating application in co-operation with expert engineers to guarantee reliability and stability where it counts on-track. In addition to its in-built stability and reliability, the system-specific PA Line software provides the following benefits:

  • Possibility to interoperate with systems that use other communication protocols.
  • Personalised output configuration for operating persons, providing customised screens and data for day to day use.
  • Unique data management and extrapolation. Stations can be networked and synchronised to provide valuable data covering the points of all parts of a single line or a whole rail network.
  • Built-in data conversion to a variety of easily digestible graphical outputs.
  • Up to 2000 stations can be controlled and monitored from a single source.

PINTSCH ABEN supplies all required interface programs which enable flawless interaction between the various systems using only one communication protocol. This is the main reason Dutch ProRail awarded PINTSCH ABEN in 2003 with the order for the development and supply of a CENTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM (CMS) in Amsterdam. To the CMS system the point heating installations of 3 different Dutch suppliers, each of them using a different communication protocol, are controlled and monitored. In the scope of supply was also a webserver to provide instant usable data to operational staff via a webpage.