METEOSCAN weather station

Pintsch Aben designed the METEOSCAN area detector specifically for railway applications. This high-duty weather station determines the switch-on/off moments of switchpoint heating installations using programmed conditions for a number of measured data. Besides moisture/snow detection, ambient temperature, rail temperature (via connected external sensor) and relative air humidity, it is possible to use wind speed data in the conditions. You can order the METEOSCAN functioning as sensor station or functioning as autonomous switching station.

To obtain the highest possible level of functional availability and durability, the pillar-shaped housing is constructed in full stainless steel. The METEOSCAN is maximally protected against vandalism. The control unit (mounted in an IP65 box), temperature/humidity sensors and all cable connections are  mounted inside the pillar housing.

The pyramid on top of the METEOSCAN holds 4 parallel-connected moisture sensors which are continuously electrically heated to enable detection of snow. Important advantage of the innovative sensor head is the optimal 4-directional detection of drifting snow.


  • Maximally protected against vandalism: control unit, sensors and connection cables mounted inside pillar
  • Durable, full stainless steel pillar housing
  • Pyramid-shaped moisture sensor head enables optimal detection of drifting snow
  • Compatible to all existing switchpoint heating installations
  • Available as sensor station or as autonomous functioning switching station
  • Operation voltage 24, 42 or 230 VAC
  • Communication over RS485 and RS232
  • 2 potential-free output contacts