PINTSCH ABEN’s reliable burnerpipe is the result of a professionally set up product development, consequently implemented for more than 35 years. Many thousands of burnerpipes – operational in Europe under the most severe weather conditions – make this possible.

The burnerpipes are made from durable aluminium and can be applied for natural gas or propane (min. pressure 150 mbar Ga). The heating capacity of the burnerpipe is 1000 Watt/m. Pipes are supplied with minimal 3 and maximum 11 burners. Air intake, gas inlet and igniter are located on the same side of the pipe.

The pipe design is extremely functional and durable: it is possible to replace worn-out parts after long-time operation. Furthermore it is easy to adjust the pipes afterwards to other gas pressures.

The fastening to the rail profile with solid clamps and spring-locks is absolutely vibration-resistant. This also guarantees a long lifespan.

Inside the pipe there is a small square-shaped ignition channel. A small part of the supplied gas flows from the main gas supply channel into the ignition channel via flame protection nozzles located between the burners. Flame protection nozzles are important safety devices because they make it impossible that fire passes over from the ignition channel to the main gas channel.

A realistic danger for gas powered points heating systems is flame-burst caused by heavy winds or passing trains. Pintsch Aben pays very much attention to safety aspects: the wind-tight wire mesh package in each burner contains 6 layers to prevent flames coming-up in the main gas channel.


  • Functional, durable design with replaceable parts, long lifespan
  • High reliability and availability
  • High quality aluminium construction, stainless steel mounting materials
  • Vibration-resistant rail-fastening, igniter secured against knocks by solid cam
  • Extensive safety precautions against flame-burst
  • Gastec inspected EN 297, EU approved