Gas-infrared Switchpoint Heating

PINTSCH ABEN’s gas-infrared switchpoint heating, type SAC, is modular in construction.
All active, standardised system components can be controlled and monitored via an operator workstation. This workstation can be installed locally at the station manager’s.
For SAC installations, PINTSCH ABEN has developed functional, system specific software. This SAC software package enables control and monitoring of up to 10,240 burnerpipes.
The most important system components like gas control unit and ignition control unit (ZSK) are connected to a control and monitoring system. The gas control unit monitors the main gas supply, while the ignition control units serve as gas supply controls and monitor the burnerpipes mounted in the track field within a radius of 150 to 200 m. Operator workstation, gas control and ignition control units communicate via current industrial standard protocols.