MCU Control and Monitoring Unit

The control unit MCU ( Micro Control Unit) is a universal hardware, which can be used as an overall monitoring system MCU KE, as a central control unit MCU SE of the intelligent point heating system I-NSV MCU, as well as a control unit MCU ZSK for the gas-infrared point heating.
The Monitoring and Control unit type MCU presents the same characteristics as the previous controlling type PCU and thereby adapts to PINTSCH ABEN product family PA LINE. The MCU KE is a monitoring system for both, the electrical and the gas-infrared point heating.
It captures the process data of the control units MCU SE, MCU ZSK, PCU SE, I-NSV SE or the digital in- and output group type DIO.
Via widely varying communication channels, the captured process- and status data will be sent to visualization system PA LINE, which also presents the data.
The control unit MCU SE is deployed in the low voltage distributions I-NSV. In conjunction with different component groups, the requirements of an 50 Hz, as well as the requirements of an 16,7 Hz system are met. As well as in control unit PCU , the requirements of TU 954.9101 are fulfilled.

As a central field unit the control unit MCU ZSK controls and monitors the function of the gas-based unit and of the heating system (ignition and combustion behavior) of gas-infrared point heating.