IBK-KE Intelligent Bus Coupler

The intelligent bus coupler IBK KE fulfils the task of a “process data collector” within an overall PINTSCH ABEN switchpoint heating system.
The IBK KE does not require a control unit. The system-specific configuration is carried out via a terminal program (PA terminal). Besides PC, control panel, display device and dial modem, 16 control units or decentralised I/O modules can be connected to the IBK KE control unit. The bus coupler provides the following 5 serial interfaces:

COM1/2: These interfaces usually serve as connection to the process level (DIO, PCU or I-NSV SE control units) and are each equipped with a Piggy Pack board
COM3: RS232 with control cable. Preferably for connection to a dial modem, for direct connection to PA LINE V.6 process visualisation, or PAD interface for MAS90.
COM4: Configuration port for connection to a PC.

System port: RS232 for host computers in the operative service.

Alternatively, a serial control panel type SPLT or a BAE point heating control panel can be connected.