DAE MCU SE/IE Decentral Automation Unit

The communication and control module provides the solution for upgrading existing switchpoint heating installations with a weather-dependent control and connection to telecontrol systems.

Thus, in accordance with TU 954, a fully adequate connection of a conventional control to an operative or technical service can be realised. Furthermore, the unit’s range of functions enables the retrofitting of existing installations to selfsustaining switchpoint heating systems, which is particularly important in the case of railway control centre conveyance.

The device combination can be deployed as an interior wall distribution panel or as an exterior device protected by a small cabinet. The connection to existing conventional installations does not require substantial modifications, so that the protection of the systems is maintained.

Telecontrol interfaces and integration possibilities into existing control systems:

  • Usage of the DB-approved data protocol PINTSCH ABEN PALine to the DB-approved control levels (operative service, technical service, MAS 90 etc.)
  • Modem PINTSCH ABEN type Powerline over the cable of the 50Hz control voltage
  • Modem PINTSCH ABEN type LFSK over control cable
  • Modem PINTSCH ABEN type FSK over data cable
  • Connection via computer telephony modem, GSMR, GSM or network connections TCP / IP