BAE point heating control panel

The desktop BAE control panel is specifically designed by PINTSCH ABEN to enable easy control and monitoring of several large point heating installations. You operate the BAE using it’s user-friendly 4-line menu display showing all measured current- and temperature values, reports and failures. Main functions can be operated directly using separate buttons. The operational system parameters (e.g.  pre-set switch on/off temperatures for wet and dry frost conditions) can be adjusted for each connected station separately at any time. You can read out all measured current- and temperature values, reports and failures. Furthermore the LED indicators on the BAE inform you about the actual operational status of the installations and signalise failures.

All stations connected to the BAE can be remotely controlled and monitored from an operation centre by connecting a telephone dial or GSM modem to the BAE.

Most important function of the BAE is to alarm you in case a failure should occur. The integrated buzzer signalises failures like incoming power supply failure, communication errors, strip heater failure, breaker or relay failure, over limit of energy consumption, over limit of insulation resistance, overtime of heating period, temperature sensor failure etc. With a button on the BAE front you can confirm the alarm by snoozing the buzzer.


  • Specifically designed for remote control and monitoring of large point heating installations
  • Buzzer failure alarm
  • Reliable, stabile controlling PA-Line software specifically written for point heating applications
  • User-friendly menu operation, function buttons and LED status/failure indicators
  • Local 10-days data storage of all measurement values, reports and signalised failures
  • Power supply 230 VAC
  • Communication interfaces RS232, RS485, LFK and LFSK